There are two types of Double Eyelid surgeries or also known as Upper Bhlepharoplasty. One is basically referred to as the Oriental Bhlepharoplasty. This is the surgery to create the upper eyelid folds, in Oriental population. In actuality, everyone has two eyelid folds, but the appearance of a single fold happens when the folds are located very close to eyelid margin.

The other type of Upper Bhlepharoplasty is to remove the drooping upper eyelid skin that makes you look tired. This procedure will create a fresh-looking upper eyelid appearance.

The steps for both procedures are almost the same, except for some minor difference. For example, in the Oriental Bhlepharoplasty, we need to create a newly located crease at a higher level than the existing one. To do this, the attachment of the levator aponeurosis will be relocate to the dermis. The standard measurement is approximately 3 to 4mm from the tarsal plate.

For both procedures, the sutures will be removed after 1 week. Initially the eyelids will be swollen and we will advice to apply cold-compression using ice packs for the first 24 to 48hours to reduce it. Subsequently, once the sutured are removed, scar gels will be applied.

The final results will be an inconspicuous looking scar that is well hidden in the new crease.

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